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The main area of Transfer company activity is production and distribution of adhesive materials, such as industrial single-sided- and double-sided self adhesives, mounting tapes, anti-slip tapes, printed tape, Velcro fasteners, self-adhesive pad, multi-pack handles, industrial glues and many other adhesive products. In our offer we have products of the biggest companies from adhesive types branch: 3M, Tesa, Scapa, Nitto and other.

3M, Tesa, Scapa


Adhesive tapes are applicable in almost every branch of industry and services. The main task of adhesive type is to bind different materials or alter the physical parametres of surfaces. An adhesive type may also have protecting, sealing, insulating and securing function for various surfaces. Special vinyl tapes are used for setting communication routes in industrial production and storage halls. Repair tapes are widely used in every branch od industry and services, as well as at home or in the garden. Anti-slip tapes are applied on surfaces with the risk of slipping down by walkers. Anti-slip tapes provide exceptional protection against slipping down while climbing stairs, drives, ladders, walking on ramps, boards of boats or other slippery surfaces. They can be used both in interiors and exteriors.

In order to fulfil these requirements, an adhesive tape has numerous variants differing in the type of applied material, type of glue and degree of resistance to external factors. Adhesive tapes have different widths and colour variants. Self-adhesive tapes are divided into two main groups: single-sided and double sided adhesive tapes.


Double-sided adhesive tapes, also known as mounting tapes, constitute the alternative for the traditional methods of binding various materials. A double-sided adhesive tape is often faster and more convenient in application. Double-sided self-adhesive mounting tapes are widely applied in industry and services. Double-sided self-adhesive tapes successfully bind artificial materials, metals, glass, ceramics, textiles, rubber, paper, cardboard and many others.



The main task of the printed self-adhesive tape is to glue the package, usually cardboard one, safely and securely. Printed tapes are often applied as security and protection of packages delivered by courier services companies. Printed self-adhesive tapes may also constitute an exceptional means of advertisement and promotion of an enterprise. Printed tapes may differ in the type of glue and foil carrier.