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Industrial self-adhesive protective films are used for the protection of surfaces against staining and damage in the course of processing, transport, storage and fitting. Protective film is applied for the protection of surfaces made of metal, plastic, glass, laminates, as well as for the protection of aluminium window frame profiles and PVC, carpets and fabrics. they are also used for assembly works in automotive industry.

Protective films are mostly made of PE foil, resistant to damage, covered with special acrylic glue, allowing for clean and easy removal of film after its utilization.

A wide range of thick films and glue adhesive properties allows for te selection of proper materials for almost every surface and work conditions.

Protective films are available in various colour versions, for instance grey, black, white, blue and transparent.

Due to the existence of non-typical dimensions of the protected surfaces, the films are produced on order in the range of width from 15 mm to 1250 mm.

Protective film
Protective film
Protective films

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