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Soft PVC self-adhesive tapes, due to the flexibility, perfectly fit to uneven surfaces and are used mainly for marking and labelling communication routes, fire evacuation routes, lines of sports pitches and dangerous areas.

Vinyl tapes are also used for masking surfaces during painting and lacquering works. Due to the rich colouring, vinyl tapes are applied on the surfaces for decorative, protective and masking purposes.

The characteristic features of vinyl tapes are high susceptibility to formation, resistance to abrasion, resistance to corrosion and humidity. Also, they leave no trace of glue after their removal.

Basic dimensions of rolls: 50 mm x 33 m.
Other widths are available on request.
Thickness of tape: 0.16 mm.

Colours: yellow, white, red, blue, green, black and yellow and black or red and white oblique stripes.


Vinyl tapes 3M 766 i 767
Vinyl tape 3M 471

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pdf  Scapa 2721

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